Vaginal Rejuvenation


Vaginal Rejuvenation


Vaginal rejuvenation for aesthetic or symptomatic reasons has become very popular over the past 2 years. Women can experience at a young age symptoms related to dryness, or over time can complain of increased laxity. Those women who have delivered children might experience urine stress incontinence. 

Dr Souéid provides treatments to both internal and external rejuvenation. For the best combination you can enrol into our Femina Rejuvenation Programme that includes 3 treatments: Radiofrequency (RF) treatments are one of the safest and most effective ways to internally rejuvenate the vaginal wall. To improve the fullnesss, in combination we provide filler injections, and finally injection of PRP to improve the overall skin. 


 Duration – 30 to 60 Minutes

 Hospital stay – Daycase

 Costs – from £399

 Return to work – Immediate 

 Treatment Location – Birmingham

 Consultation Location – London, Birmingham, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

What radiofrequency machine you use?

We use the Geneveve system by Viveve. This leading device is especially designed to treat both laxity related symptoms and urine stress incontinence.

How long does a treatment take?

Geneveve treatments take around 30 to 45 minutes. 

How long does a treatment last for?

Geneveve treatments last up to one year. Top ups can be done after that to maintain the result.

How do fillers help vaginal rejuvenation?

Fillers can be used to enhance the outer shape of the labia majora of the vagina, restoring fullness. 

How will PRP help in vaginal rejuvenation?

PRP will help in two ways. It will first improve the outer skin quality. It will also improve any hyperpigmentation present.

Does Dr Dr Souéid do labia reductions?

Yes. If want to consider labia reduction, please contact us for a consultation.