Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty (ear correction)

Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty (ear correction)



A pinnaplasty or otoplasty is surgery on the ear. It is sometimes called a prominent ear correction or bat ear correction, terms we do not like to use in the medical context. The aim is to achieve ear reshaping aesthetic reasons. 


 Duration – 1 Hours

 Hospital stay – Daycase

 Costs – from £2500

 Return to work – 48 Hours

 Location – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Beirut, Doha

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a pinnaplasty performed?

A pinnaplasty is performed under local or general anaesthetic depending on patient choice. It is routinely done as a day case. Mr Soueid uses the more reliable suture technique which he has adapted over the years. The scars are hidden behind the ear.   

How long is the recovery period?

You will need at least 48 hours before returning to work, but most people plan for 1 week of work at least. You will wear a specially designed comfortable head gear for 48 hours at least. After that you switch to something of your choice. The scar will heal over 1 week and the sutures are dissolvable. The fading of the scar will then continue over next few months. 

Are the results permanent?

Yes. The sutures are non-dissolving and so will maintain shape permanently. However like any operation care is needed in the first instance as any unexpected trauma can break the sutures undoing the results.

Are there alternatives?

Yes. We also provide the Earfold treatment. See our separate page for details.  

When will I see a final result?

A final result will be seen immediately apart from bruising that will take 1-2 weeks to settle. 

What are the risks and complications of rhinoplasty surgery?

Infection, bleeding, unfavourable scarring, asymmetry, swelling, recurrent, suture breakdown, cartilage necrosis, changes over time, revision surgery, anaesthetic risks, dissatisfaction, numbness behind ears.