Treatment of Moles, Thread Veins, Warts and Scarring

Lasers are devices used for a variety of conditions. Laser stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.’

They target different chromopores such as water, melanin (pigment) or haem (blood pigment). The condition we are treating will determine which type of laser is used. The common conditions treated include fine thread veins, warts, birthmarks and moles. Lasers are most commonly used for hair removal.




 Duration – 15 – 20 Minutes

 Hospital stay – Outpatient

 Costs – from £250

 Return to work – Immediately

 Location – London, Reading, Doha


Can I treat my facial thread veins with lasers?

Yes, laser is very effective in treating facial and leg thread veins. Usually only one or two treatments are required.

Can I treat my birthmark with laser?

Birthmarks, such as strawberry naevi, can be treated with laser very effectively. Sometimes bruising will result afterwards and most commonly a course of treatment is required.

Can you remove warts with lasers?

Some warts are best treated with lasers, others might need other treatments or a combination. Usually a course of treatment is needed.

What aftercare I need after laser treatment?

In general aftercare is minimal. You will need to protect yourself from the sun, and so using a suncream is recommended. In addition, Aloe Vera is very helpful in cooling the area afterwards