Body Lifts

Body Lifts

Body Lifts


Arm Lifts

When we lose weight and when we age, all this excess skin can be stubborn to shift away and starts getting the way. The skin can also rub and give away your age. An arm lift, officially known as a brachiaplasty, is a procedure where skin is tightened through removing this excess skin, sometimes in combination with liposuction. This leaves a scar on the inside of the arm, usually placed in a place that’s hidden from view. 

Trunk Lifts

These are often necessary if a lot of weight is lost and both the abdomen and the back sag, leaving excess skin on from and back. The circumferential body lifts are some of the complex procedures in aesthetic surgery and require careful planning. The result is removing the excess from the abdomen, lifting the pubic area and lifting the buttock. The scar will be around all the lower part of the trunk.

Thigh Lifts

Excess fat and skin on the inner thighs is one of the most common lift procedures performed now. This excess can rub and cause significant irritation. It can also be very difficult to get rid of with weight loss. A thigh lift is often combined with liposuction. The excess skin is then removed, leaving a scar in the inner thigh or groin. 


 Duration – 2 – 4 Hours

 Hospital stay – Overnight

 Costs – from £3999

 Return to work – 2 weeks

 Location – Manchester, Beirut, Doha

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like after lift procedures?

It is important to take time to recover, at least 2 weeks are needed. You should not undergo any significant physical activity for at least 6 weeks post-operatively. If you are given a garment please wear it for at least 6 weeks. 

Who are the best candidates for lift procedures?

  1. Those with significant laxity
  2. Those with a stable weight and not significantly overweight 
  3. Non smokers

Will I have to stay in hospital after the operation?

Most lift procedures are planned as overnight stays because a small drain is kept overnight to allow all fluid to come out. Once drain is removed you can go home. 

What are the risks associated with body lift procedures?

Unfavrouble Scaring- Some scars can be short, others longer. Some scars can be raised or stretch over time. 

 Seroma- this is a collection of fluids in the abdomen that might take time to resolve. Occasionally it needs aspirating.

Numbness or Change in Sensation- this occurs while the nerves are still trying to find each other after the procedure. This usually improves with time. 

Asymmetry- occasionally both sides might not be exactly the same. This can be normal. 

Dog ears- this is excess tissue on the sides. Occasionally the excess needs to be removed after things have settled down. 

Bleeding or Haematoma- if this significant then return to theatre is necessary. 

Infection- if this occurs antibiotics are necessary. 

Wound breakdown

Fat necrosis- fat does not have a great supply and so occasionally he fat will not survive forming lumps. 

Irregularities, unevenness

Changes with time and weight gain

Residual redundant skin or muscle weakness